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Your new granite countertops are treated with a sealer prior to installation. The sealer protects against the permanent absorption of most staining agents into the stone, which can change the appearance of the stone. The sealer protects but will not prevent staining entirely, particularly when heavy staining agents are not cleaned up in a timely manner.

Moisture, until dry, will darken the stone. This is normal. Moisture darkening should disappear once the stone dries, but as with other surfaces, rings will remain until you clean the countertops.

  • On a daily basis, and/or when spills occur, wipe down your countertops with soapy water, then buff them dry with a clean, soft cloth. Too much soap will leave streaks.
  • To disinfect granite, use a very mild mix of distilled vinegar and water. This solution, however, is not recommended for natural stones other than granite. Windex Multi-Task is readily available and is a great cleaner for your granite countertops. Just be sure to use the "No Ammonia" formula (clear in color; NOT blue).
  • Never clean or polish your stone with abrasives, bleaches, or products containing ammonia, wax, acrylics or urethane. Some of these substances can strip away the sealer. Others will yield an appearance of scratches or wear on the granite itself and cause a dulling effect. Furthermore, wax, acrylic and urethane can build up, trap in dirt, and often create a yellowed appearance.
  • Reseal your granite countertops once a year. This can be a do-it-yourself project or Toro Granite can provide this service for you.
  • Never allow anyone to stand, step, or sit on your granite countertops, especially around sinks or cooktop areas, which are very vulnerable to cracking under unusually heavy loads. Such misuse is not covered by your warranty and can result in severe damage that is, short of replacing the stone, all but impossible to repair.