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In a market where stone is the number one choice for countertop material; many people ask why they should consider Solid Surface. It’s an understandable question.  The popularity of Solid Surface has decreased over the years as Quartz and Natural Stone get more and more exposure on TV & Social Media. The brand recognition that manufacturers, like Corian, had 20 years ago just isn’t there anymore.  As with all countertop materials there are pros and cons, but the unique characteristics of solid surface, such as near invisible seams and reparability, definitely need to be considered when selecting your countertop material.

Solid Surface tops are non-porous making them a great surface for food preparation and difficult to stain. They’re primarily composed of acrylic providing strength and durability. Stone is more resilient than solid surface by nature. However, stone can still be damaged and once that happens it can be very difficult, if not impossible, to repair. Solid surface is one of the most renewable materials available. Since the color goes all the way through the material, scratches can easily be sanded out and chips are much easier to repair. Cracks can be repaired with little to no visibility afterwards. It is a softer material so scratches will eventually show, but a lot of people still prefer the warmer, softer feel of the material.

The versatility of Solid Surface opens up a lot of design options. There are 100s of colors and patterns from many manufacturers enabling you to create a range of looks from bold retro to clean contemporary. The acrylic glue used to seam solid surface is made to match the material color almost perfectly, creating visually inconspicuous seams that don’t have a texture. Coved backsplash is also an option, creating a transition from top to splash without caulk lines. It can be thermoformed into custom shapes to fit any design and unlimited applications. Many manufacturers offer translucent color options enabling the material to be back lit, creating an almost ethereal luminosity and expanding the design possibilities even more.

There’s not a set rule stating you have to use the same countertop material throughout your design. Often it’s the combination of materials, styles and colors that creates the perfect design statement. Solid surface can provide a subtle back drop, allowing other materials to be the focal point, or it can command the spotlight as a natural partner to wood, glass or natural stone. The possibilities are endless.


There are many different Solid Surface manufacturers. We’ve listed some of the more popular ones below. You can click on the link to view their color options. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.