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TORO GRANITE, INC. seeks a Business Information Analyst in Chamblee, GA.  The job description and requirements are as follows:

Job Duties:

  • Analyze and evaluate business operational data to make recommendations in adopting changes to operational systems and any organizational changed to ensure effective operation in import, distribution, sales, and installation of granites and stones to various customers of Toro Granite, Inc.
  • Gather and research all the operational information including product data, suppliers’ information, customer information to establish appropriate managerial standards.
  • Prepare reports by gathering business operational data such as executive summary report, cost and benefit analysis report, and process and usage flow report.
  • Develop and improve business operations for better procedures, practices, and efficiency by reviewing and evaluating business operations.
  • Coordinate projects for implementation of new or changed systems or procedures to increase efficiency and decrease unnecessary operational costs.
  • Maintain and report daily operational status to ensure complete and accurate results and timely delivery of business activities.


Bachelor’s Degree in Management, Information Systems, or Computer Science.

[How to Apply]

If interested and qualified, please Mail résumé to:  

Toro Granite, Inc.
3853 Green Industrial Way
Chamblee, GA 30341