TORO Granite CEO
CEO’s Message​

I truly thank you for visiting TORO Granite website. TORO has been continuously strived excellence for customer satisfaction and quality of lifestyle. ​

TORO’s name has been first on the market since 1999 to begin service just for home owners. We are continuously grown up to expand our specialty area including residential builder and commercial market afterward. In 2005, to expand our market share in the southeast, we started fabricating engineered stone (Quartz).. After 2010, we are expanding to cabinetry millwork and solid surface areas to provide more service to broad range of customers with turn-key products.​

​Recently, we provide service to special facility sector including Georgia Tech, Clemson University, Emory University, Mercer University (Solid Surface) and State Farm Area. It was a huge success for us to provide not only special facility project service but to gain more confidence in managing large scale projects to work with major construction companies such as iDX, New South and Turner. We are continuously growing up to be one of the major fabricators in Georgia. ​

Our pride and Stride for excellence will be kept in our heart bit to be loved by from an individual customer to major construction companies. Thank you for your interest and support for last 20 years.

Corporate philosophy

  • Customer commitment

    we develop relationship through manufacturing and installing our qualified products to make a positive difference in our customer’s life style.​

  • Quality

    we provide outstanding product and best service to deliver premium value to our customers.​

  • Cost Efficiency and Productivity

    provide qualified material to deliver best value to our customers on time​

  • Good Company Environment

    provide good benefit and working environment to make employee happy​